How Breaking Up Saved My Love Life

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I remember waking up one morning about six years ago - and I had the strongest emotion I had ever felt coursing through my body.

I lay in bed letting it wash over me in waves.

I couldn’t get over the intensity of what I was feeling - nothing had prepared me for just how strong a feeling could be.

What was this feeling?


Mind numbing, jaw clenching, muscle knotting shame.

The shame of another failed relationship.

The shame of making all of “those” phone calls. 

“He moves out last night… there was this other girl…”

I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of telling the people closest to me that another one bit the dust.

I mean, I was already a two time divorcee and now, another man had left me - and for another woman.

The humiliation was almost paralyzing.

In the days and weeks that followed, I had some really low moments. 

I cried so hard one night that the next day, I could barely talk because my throat was so raw from sobbing.

I asked myself over and over “what’s wrong with me?” 

I felt like I had so much love to give, and literary no one wanted it! 

It was almost as if I was toxic to men - a slow acting poison that turned them from adoring fans who couldn’t get enough of me to angry monsters that couldn’t wait to get away from me.

What the hell was wrong with me? 

That question could have crippled me - and it nearly did.

Except, even at my lowest, I just wouldn’t give up on love.

Instead, it spurred me to go on a journey- one that was going to radically change everything about who I thought I was as a woman. 

I studied EVERYTHING I could get my hands on.

I read all the books, I attended all the summits, I signed up for a million emails - and still something was missing.

I had a lot of knowledge, but NO idea how to begin applying it.

What if I did it wrong? 

Did I need to change who I am completely? 

Do I really have to be a B^+[= to get love? 

I don’t like playing games - I don’t like feeling like an impostor. 

I knew I didn’t want to catch a man with some “scheme” or an act that I would have to keep up for the rest of my life. 

What I really wanted was someone who loved ME - not some sensationalized version of me.

Then, I found it!

In a program I had bought well over a year before- and never bothered to read all the way through.

It was was gentle and authentic and it began to change how I saw myself as a woman.

I poured over the words - I listened to the audios - I began to have small shifts in my day to day interactions with men.

And the results! 

Soon I was dating a higher caliber of man than I ever had before.

The kind of man who really listened to me, who seemed to genuinely care for me. 

I no longer felt like I had to endlessly prove my worth to a man.

I didn’t spend all my time thinking about what he might want, or how I could keep him happy so he wouldn’t leave.

I stopped compromising my own happiness in favor of his and started living a life that filled me up.

I knew I had to get out there and share this with as many women as possible, so I reached out to the woman who had changed my life with one glowing purpose in my heart.

I want to be a coach.

Within weeks I was training under my mentor - the woman who had changed my life, Rori Raye.

I was learning first hand how to help other women stop the cycle of highs and lows I had been trapped in for so long.

I hit the ground running and never looked back.

Now, I spend my days teaching other women the same things I wish I had known for all of those years.

I get to celebrate with them as they begin to see the changes in their own lives.

And at the end of the day, I share my life with a gorgeous man - a man by the way, that I had been infatuated with for YEARS and never thought I could “get.” 

And, I know this system can work for ANY woman.

No matter how bad things have been, no matter how convinced you are that you just aren’t lovable, I am the living proof that all you need is the right guidance.

Want to know the program that got the ball rolling for me? 

Shoot me a message and I’ll send you the info. 

Jodie Leitsch