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What some women are saying about working with Mariah


"Mariah was a godsend to me helping me understand certain complicated dynamics between men and women. She was a real support always there for me guiding me to the best of her knowledge and experience. I learned a lot and although the guy in question wasn't right for me, Mariah helped me see this and equipped me with the right tools so I could recognise things much quickly. I gained my confidence back took back control and learned so much through Mariah's help and advice. Now I feel I'm ready and happy to meet someone new leave the past where it is and start dating again!"


“Right from the beginning, I felt so understood with Mariah. She really listened and showed so much compassion for me and my situation. I feel so much more confident with men and have started dating again!”


“Dating after 40 is a scary thought. Mariah helped me navagate the dating world and see that I wasn’t too old to find love.”


“I was completely HOPELESS! A chronic “overfunctioner, I just couldn’t see that everything I was doing was just driving my man away. With Mariah’s help, I learned to soften up and let him lead. He is loving the new me, and even planned a trip for us to St. Thomas! Thank you Mariah!”