Use Your Unique Perspective to Draw Him In

What if you could stop playing the game, and by just being 100% your own unique self, you could attract the love of your life?

That is exactly what happens when you start to get out of your head and into your heart.

Because no one is just like you, no one experiences the world in the same way as you do.

You have a unique perspective that will draw men to you and make them feel comfortable around you, IF you are willing to express it.

We really want to hide the parts of ourselves that we have deemed “negative” from the world.

We tend to gloss over the bad times we’ve had and act like we aren’t bothered by anything.

We have been taught to do this.

We are told people don’t like a complainer, and don’t want to hear about our flaws.

The thing is, if you can really embrace the whole of your experience, even the yucky parts, and be comfortable with your whole self, people will be instantly more comfortable around you.

This isn’t the same thing as beating yourself up, or complaining all the time.

It looks more like acceptance of yourself and the situations life has given you.

Complaining might sound like; “I hate shopping! I look terrible and nothing fits right.”

While acceptance sounds more like “I feel stressed out when I shop. I feel upset when I like something and it doesn’t fit.”

This way of being open and honest about your feelings without judging them or giving them a certain connotation makes it easier for a man to be himself around you.

And, that’s all men really want.

They want to be able to be themselves, and be loved flaws and all.

When you start sharing your perspective in this way it gives him room to let his guard down and get to know you on a much deeper level.

He can really understand where you’re coming from and unlock the “mystery” that men feel around women.

And isn’t that what WE want?

To feel heard and understood by a man?

Try sharing your world in this way and see how quickly things can change for you.

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