LEt's start your Love Story right now

Every love story can use a little editing. Let's work together to create your perfect Happily Ever After.


$300 Unlimited Email Package

With this package, you can email me as often as you like. You can ask specific questions, learn my tools, and update me on your progress. I will be there cheering you on as you practice the tools and begin to shift your vibe to draw in the love of your life.


$629 Four Live one on one sessions

With this package I will get to know you, and what you are craving in love, through intimate one on one live sessions. Using Zoom, we will record each session so you can listen to them over and over and pull out what hits home most for you.  AND - you can email me weekly to ask questions and keep me updated as well!

$160 for a single session

Need an extra session? Just have a quick question? You can book a single session and do real work real fast!