Welcome to Mariah's Girls’ Brunch Power Hour!

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If you’ve been feeling sort of out of touch with love lately….

Or, if you think you have the right guy - but things haven’t been going the way you want…

If you feel stuck in a cycle of relationships that never seem to go anywhere…

Or, you’re at a low point in your self esteem and you just don’t feel lovable…

And - you know you need some real advice on how to turn thing around and you’ve been feeling like you need an expert to get you on the right track - but all of the books you’ve read and free programs you’ve bought seem so vague and hard to put into action.

What you really need is direct support from and industry leading expert, who can address your specific questions live and in person.

You need support from women who, just like you, are struggling to find their way in love.

That's why I created this program! So that, once a month - and for only $10 - less than the cost of a good Brunch- you can spend your lunch hour with me and other women who really get what you're feeling.

We will be practicing the tools, supporting each other, and learning all from the comfort of your own home.

No need to get dressed up - this is a relaxed, come as you are space. Just grab a cup of tea, coffee, or a mimosa and be sure to have a notebook so you can write down anything that inspires you.

Join me, and a group of loving supportive women for the very first Girls’ Brunch Power Hour Tuesday, July 30th at 1:00 pm CST

Once you have submitted your payment (below) you will click the link that says "return to merchant." You will then be taken directly to the page with the Zoom information for the call. You can choose to call in from your computer (through the link) or phone (the phone number provided). If you call in from the computer or a smart phone, you can choose to have your camera on or not.

I can't wait to see you there!